About Me

I grew up in the hustle bustle of Mumbai. After pursuing a degree in accounting & business I quickly realized my heart wasn’t in the mundane, after some deliberate exploration I studied design and instantly loved it. Working for the next 7-8 years took me to various places and quickly travel became my means to decompress and connect. It started with small weekend explorations to beaches, hill stations and short road trips in and around the busy city, but fueled a deeper desire to explore, know what is beyond my day to day life. Slowly the simmering desire to explore farther landscapes made me escape the known boundaries.

Mumbai still calls me back occasionally. But I am happy living a nomadic life with my husband and partner in crime Amit. The past decade has been amazing as well as crazy; we have lived in six different cities in the past decade and travelled to many lands. The most joyous thrill in living life is to travel, both in mind space and in the physical realm. There is no joy that surpasses the joy of exploring faraway lands, meeting people from diverse backgrounds, and sharing our path with them over a hot cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

With this website I am hoping to broaden my circle of life, share my journey and hope that people can live vicariously through it. I still practice design and am absolutely passionate about architecture and all things design. When I am not designing I am traveling, immersing myself in different cultures, trying out different foods, making visual stories with my art and photographs.

So join me …